Nokia Lumia 2520 headed for T-Mobile, three extra Lumias coming soon

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Nokia Lumia 2520Nokia is reportedly in the midst of a major rebranding and reorganizing process, which should ultimately see its Lumias baptized as “Nokia by Microsoft” devices. Additionally, Lumia tabs could replace Surfaces altogether, and higher-end Android handhelds than the current humble X line are looming large on the horizon, this time entirely conceived by Microsoft.

Exciting stuff all around, but Nokiasoft (or is it Microkia?) is also working on slightly more “mundane” gear. Like a Lumia 2520 for T-Mobile. No, not some sort of upgrade designed specifically for the nation’s largest “UnCarrier”. Just an OG, Windows RT-running 10.1-inch slab with T-Mo LTE support.

Sounds like the total opposite of exciting, particularly as 4G Lumia 2520 versions have been available for months on AT&T and Verizon. Packed with 32 GB built-in storage, Snapdragon 800 chips and 2 GB RAM, the slates cost $399 with two-year pacts nowadays, which Magenta probably needs to match (off-contract) to make a few waves.

In other news, the same source that’s made the T-Mo-bound Lumia 2520 a guarantee, @evleaks, suggests three mysterious Lumias are in the cards by the end of September. There’s the RM-1017, aka Lumia 530, due out in early August, plus the RM-984, believed to be a Lumia 720 successor, and RM-1028, whose identity is really anybody’s guess. In any case, don’t hold your breath for anything groundbreaking.

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