Livescribe smartpens reach major retailers with new distribution deals

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Earlier this month, Livescribe displayed its innovative Livescribe 3 smartpen at CE Week in New York City where I made this Vine to show everybody the incredible sorcery:

Now, Livescribe has announced a number of new brick-and-mortar (or “IRL”) distribution deals with major retailers including Best Buy, Apple, Staples, Fry’s, T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint.

The newest model of the smartpen is seeing increased consumer demand as smartpens funnel into mainstream technology culture. If you need convincing, just watch that Vine on loop a few times and tell me that’s not the sweetest thing you’ve seen all year– and that my hand doesn’t have a phenomenal summer glow to it.

Livescribe3PenNotebookAppThe pen is essentially a normal, everyday ballpoint pen that makes magic with its special Dot Paper when it pairs with your smartphone or tablet to record perfect digital copies of your written content, which can then be translated into formatted text.

For situations like frantic note-taking, there’s a record function so the notetaker can return to the exact moment the information was presented to hear it all again. It’s kind of like time travel. It’s a magic, time traveling pen.

With these new distribution deals the smartpen will be more conveniently accessible for shoppers through the major retailers so we can all start time-traveling.

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