Snowden looking for extension of Russian asylum

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Snowden looking for extension of Russian asylumSnowden has reached out to Russia in an attempt to extend his asylum in the country. While running from the United States after stealing secret NSA documents, Snowden ended up in Russia and has been staying in the country for a year. If the NSA leaker is allowed to remain inside of the country for a longer period of time, he will not have to face the US judicial system or find a new country to live in.

The current asylum period will run out on July 31, and although it has been confirmed that Snowden’s attorney filed the extension paperwork, the details of any future asylum agreement have not been disclosed. It is even possible that Snowden could have filed for citizenship, but it is more likely that he is trying to stay in the country for just one more year.

Russia could always deny the extension, but it has never publicly voiced concerns about the NSA leaker being in the country. The United States would like to have Snowden returned for questioning and a long legal battle, but Russia is not required to facilitate that.

Relationships between the US and other countries have been damaged because of Snowden’s leaks, and Russia is probably just fine with the US’ anger.

Via [CNET]

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