FreedomPop expanding service to Europe

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FreedomPop expanding service to EuropeThere are a few freemium wireless carriers but the most well known may be FreedomPop, a service that offers free wireless data up to 500MB per month. Since launching, FreedomPop has only been available inside of the United States, but as the startup has grown, so has its ability to expand. FreedomPop now says it will expand to Europe and possibly other markets after that. To begin with, FreedomPop will enter Belgium, the UK, France, Germany, and Spain.

Freemium wireless service does not make sense for everyone, but for people who want to spend less if they don’t use much data, services like FreedomPop are worthwhile. With the European expansion, the company will at least have access to millions of new customers, and many of them could be interested.

The startup has also confirmed that once it successfully expands to Europe–that process could take a while–it will be heading to some parts of Asia. With billions of budget consumers in China and India alone, FreedomPop could easily see success in some Asian countries much like it could see success in less wealthy European countries.

For the most part, FreedomPop says the terms of its freemium service will remain the same in all of the new markets.

Via [Engadget]

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