RoboCup will help your World Cup withdrawal

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Unfortunately for spectators, the World Cup will come to an end this Saturday. And if you’re like me, you’ve gotten used to having entertaining soccer games to watch all week and you’re not ready to part with the excitement quite yet. Luckily, the RoboCup tournament is taking place in Brazil a week after the World Cup. So, you can gradually withdraw from your soccer addiction by watching robots engage in a kicking machine competition. What could be better than that?

(Answer: Tim Howard *SWOON*).

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Ultimately, the RoboCup participants hope to beat the human World Cup champs within 35 years. But until then, teams from 45 different countries will participate in robot football in Joao Pessoa, Brazil from July 19-25. The robots come in all shapes in sizes. Although the tournament is certainly entertaining, there’s greater life applications as well.


“It’s hard to predict what will happen in 2050, but we are on the right path,” said event co-founder Manuela Veloso, a computer science professor at Carnegie Mellon University in the U.S.

Dan Lee, University of Pennsylvania engineering professor, believes the robotics can translate to technology such as self-driving cars and delivery drones. Plus, these competitions are good practice for service robots and search-and-rescue robots.

The tournament began in 1997 and already the progress the robots have made is impressive.

So, if you’re still hungry for soccer maybe put this tournament on your calendar.

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