G3 keyboard improved with latest update

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G3 keyboard improved with latest updateLG is updating the stock keyboard for the G3 with a few new features meant to make the keyboard more intelligent. When looking at the dozens of popular third-party keyboards for Android, it is easy to spot a trend towards intelligent keyboards that offer word suggestions and new ways to input text. The G3 keyboard update follows along with that trend.

The keyboard will now include recommendations for emojis, multi-language word suggestions, and gesture-based typing. All of those features have been seen at one time or another in third-party or stock keyboards, but LG is trying to combine all of them into one keyboard. By including all of the features into the stock keyboard, LG also hopes that people will not automatically switch to a third-party piece of software.

Emoji suggestions use the words you have typed to offer an emoji that fits in the conversation. Therefore, if you are talking about food or a house, emojis that correspond to those topics and words will be suggested. If you like to use emojis throughout your conversations, this feature will make it easier to include the pictures without searching for them.

Gesture typing may be more useful for the average person, as the feature lets people input multiple words without taking their finger off of the display.

Via [Android Central]

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