Get desktop experience on Android devices with TinyStic

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Despite how powerful and convenient smartphones and tablets are, they can’t always compare to that desktop experience. Many tasks are easier on a large screen, and Window’s menu system is pretty handy and familiar. Some smartphones can wirelessly connect to and mirror images on specific television sets, but in limited ways. Additionally one could purchase an HDMI adapter to connect a smartphone to a TV, but then there’s that awkward issue of cabling.

TinyStic smartphone TVIf you have been wondering about and wishing for a solution, you’ll find it with TinyStic. TinyStic is a small device that looks similar to a USB flash drive. Instead of a USB plug, it features a standard HDMI connector. Plug TinyStic into the HDMI port on a monitor or TV, and now you’re enjoying your mobile device on a huge screen.

TinyStic doesn’t stop there. The included app, which connects the devices, also projects a Windows-like interface onto the screen. All your apps are still there, but you get drop-down menus and a taskbar to switch between active programs. Hook up a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard to your mobile device, and suddenly you’ll find surfing, typing, or watching video to be much better an experience.

While there are other, similar devices like TinyStic, those are generally limited to streaming video. TinyStic can be thought of as a wireless HDMI connection with some added benefits. Since it’s small and light, it can be carried along easily with the rest of your gadgets. This is definitely a must-have if you travel and stay in hotels a lot. Turn that large TV into a screen for your own personal content!

TinyStic is currently overfunded on Indiegogo with a little less than a month to go. Check out the page for more details and to pledge for yours.

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