Samsung Apps Store revamped and renamed as Samsung Galaxy Apps

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samsung galaxy apps

Samsung smartphone and tablet owners are familiar with the default app known as Samsung Apps. This is Samsung’s own little app store which provides access to Samsung mobile apps as well as other selected Android apps which are also available from Google Play. Hoping to attract Galaxy device owners, Samsung revamped the said Samsung Apps store and decided to christen it with a new name, Samsung Galaxy Apps.

Honestly, I’ve never really bothered to check Samsung’s app store in all the Android devices I’ve used. I’m pretty sure you never bothered to get your apps from there as well. Will this revamp convince us to check the app store now? Well that depends on what it can offer now.

According to Samsung, the Galaxy App Store is a big improvement from its predecessor. It now features apps that will allow greater customization of mobile devices and will also function as a platform to offer various promotions and discounts.

The Samsung Galaxy Apps store has a better user interface than its predecessor. It is divided into sections namely, Best Picks, Top and For Galaxy. Best Picks is for recommended apps and promotions while Top is for most popular apps which you can browse by popularity, date and price. The For Galaxy section is further sub-categorized into Galaxy Gifts for premium apps exlusive to Galaxy devices, Galaxy Essentials for must-have apps, Apps for Professionals for business-related apps, and Galaxy Specials for downloading apps specifically created by using Samsung SDKs.

You can install the Samsung Galaxy Apps by simply firing up the currently installed Samsung Apps on your Samsung devices.

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  • dragonhockey

    Samsung App Store is starting to draw the interest of the many Android smartphone users. The new name will for sure turn their heads and see what it has to offer.