Core i3-powered Acer Chromebooks officially priced at $350 and up

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Acer ChromebookThe speediest, most impressive Chromebook since Google’s MacBook Air-rivaling Pixel is rapidly closing in on its commercial launch, with recent cost rumors apparently panning out. The upgraded Acer C720 will be available in two slightly different configurations later this month, and the cheapest model is already up for pre-orders on Amazon.

Dubbed C720-3871 (just go with it), the 2 GB RAM-packing machine is priced at $349.99, which sounds preposterously high for usual Chromebook standards, but it’s really fair given the oomph you’re getting.

I mean, you’re no longer dealing with a cheapo, sorry excuse for a Windows laptop replacement, but a genuine punchy contender. That’s primarily on the fourth-generation Intel Core i3-4005U Haswell processor, which delivers both outstanding raw performance and amazing battery life.

Expect the C720-3871 to last a good 8 hours between charges, as well as boot in seconds, courtesy of a 32 GB solid state drive. The 11.6-inch display is probably its Achilles’ heel, sporting mediocre 1,366 x 768 pixels resolution, but at least it doesn’t weigh down the 2.76 pounds featherweight.

Oh, and it’s anti-glare too, which is a pretty nice touch. Also a nice touch, the existence of a C720-3404 version, priced at $379.99 and due out in a matter of weeks, though likely a little later than the 3871. With 4 GB RAM and an identical set of specs of auxiliary specs.

Tempting configurations, I’m sure, but try to remember an Acer Chromebook with a 13.3-inch panel and Nvidia Tegra K1 power is also in the works.

Via [Liliputing]

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