11 first world problems millennials face

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Don’t worry, this isn’t some lecture about how millennials are lazy and entitled. Seeing as I am a 24-year-old that falls under the overly used “millennial” umbrella, I am certainly not the person to judge. And personally, I’m growing tired of boomers thinking they’ve got us figured out. We’re the generation that can’t put their phones down during dinner and live in our parents’ basements. Whatever, we get it. However, I find the best way to fight back against the negative stereotypes is to make fun of ourselves first! Take that, boomers!

So with that in mind, I present 11 first world problems millennials face. Like my mom says, you can’t take yourself too seriously! Oh and don’t fall asleep with mascara on! Thanks, mom!

1) Shazam can’t find a song:


Experienced this one today at the coffee shop. Even worse, I couldn’t decipher ANY song lyrics so even an old-school Google search couldn’t help me.

2) No WiFi available:


FINE! I guess I’ll just use all my data like a CAVEMAN!

3) Your dog won’t cooperate with your Vine video:


HOW WILL WE EVER BECOME VINE FAMOUS?! Get it together, Fido! I only have six seconds to prove you’re adorable.

4) Your friend didn’t wait the appropriate Instagram wait time:

giphy (23)

There you are hanging out at the beach, and both you and your friend take the same seaside photograph. You upload yours to Instagram and five minutes later, she just has to upload hers as well. Now she’ll get all the likes and you’re just the loser from five minutes ago. My brother does this to me every #TBT and I genuinely get upset. Find your own baby photos, Bo!

5) Your Starbucks payment app isn’t working:


I had to wait an extra TWO minutes because my coworker’s Starbucks app wasn’t cooperating. We’ve got places to be!

6) There’s only one Yelp review for a restaurant:


It’s Friday night, and you and your boyfriend decide you want to try something different for dinner tonight. You search restaurants nearby and find a nice Italian restaurant a couple streets over. Only problem is it’s got only ONE Yelp review, and the review is mediocre. CAN YOU TRUST IT?! Heck no. Guess we’re getting pizza delivered.

7) You run out of iPhone photo storage during a concert:


You forgot to upload your iPhone photos to your computer and now you’re at your favorite band’s concert. Naturally, your favorite song comes on and you hit the red “record” button only to be halted by your iPhone’s storage limit. NOW HOW WILL MY GRANDCHILDREN KNOW I WAS COOL?! Instead of cutting your losses, you go on a photo-deleting rampage in the hopes of creating space. Nah, I don’t need photos from my niece’s birthday party.

8) Spotify commercials:

piss me off gif

Just when I’m getting into the groove at work listening to a Red Hot Chili Peppers album, there it comes: “SUMMER’S HERE AND SO ARE THE HITS! (Katy Perry sound byte playing).” Kill me now. I know what you’re thinking: “Just pay for the premium version and you won’t have commercials.” Sorry I’m not Donald Trump! I’ve got iced coffee to buy!

9) Your Playstation needs to update:


It’s been a long day at work, and you’re finally home. Time to take my aggression out on a God of War level or relax playing Journey. BUT WAIT! My Playstation has chosen this as the opportune moment to update, and as you know you don’t have a choice. Sure! Let me just wait 10 minutes twiddling my thumbs while you get your act together, Playstation.

10) You get a text during Temple Run:


Seriously, mom?! I almost beat my high score when you just HAD to text me that you miss me. Thanks a lot!

11) You accidentally left swipe on Tinder:


Sometimes, you get in the left swipe swing on Tinder and you stop paying attention. But then of course your future husband shows up and you left swipe out of habit. Instant regret! And you can never get him back. Guess you’ll just have to hope you get lucky and meet IRL.

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