LapWorks folds full keyboard to pocket size for mobile devices

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No matter how great your voice-recognition or finger-swiping app is for text input, it doesn’t quite match the feel and appeal of a keyboard. Words and corrections fly faster with fingers than any other way. And how can you not love the gentle flurry of clicks as you tweet or update a Facebook status?

LapWorks Amigo Bluetooth folding keyboardBluetooth keyboards are the way to go with tablets and smartphones, but they’re not always convenient to carry around town. Even the best, slim ones are at least 12 inches long. Folding keyboards are the way to go if you want to travel lean. Most folding keyboards fold up in half, which is pretty good. However, the latest from LapWorks folds thrice for a more compact, hand-held size.

The Amigo folding Bluetooth keyboard is small enough to tuck in a pocket or bag until you need it. Once you’ve found a spot to sit at, it whips out to a standard 11×5-inch keyboard size. Unlike some other folding keyboards with large gaps between keys at the hinges, this one by LapWorks slides the sections together to make one continuous unit.

This keyboard also comes with a stand for your smartphone or tablet, so you won’t be without a means to prop up your devices. When you’re all done, it folds back up in a neat little package, sure to wow and amaze those around you. Besides, having more space in your bag means more room for other gadgets, right?

You can snag yourself one of these Amigo folding Bluetooth keyboards from LapWorks with a discount and free shipping.

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