LG G3 now available via Sprint and AT&T for $200, Amazon and Best Buy at $100

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LG_G3Curious to see what’s up with all the Quad HD display hoopla but don’t care to take a chance on an “unproven” OEM such as Vivo or Oppo? Then clearly LG is your safest bet.

The first household name in the mobile business to go out on a limb and raise the screen resolution ante beyond Full HD has unveiled the astonishing G3 back in May, rolled it out swiftly in Korea, followed by a gradual US launch as we speak.

Both Sprint and AT&T seem to have the gigantic 5.5-inch Android in stock, although only the latter is ready to ship the smartphone to online buyers as well as offer it to visitors of its rich network of brick and mortar stores.

Available for $199.99 with two-year contracts from Ma Bell and the Now Network, the G3 can actually be had at half the recommended price via Amazon and Best Buy. Yup, a measly $99.99 gets you a state-of-the-art slab with quad-core Snapdragon 801 processing power, a whopping 3 GB RAM and, hold on to your hats, 32 GB on-board storage space. Pretty sweet, huh?

Next up, we should see T-Mobile start fulfilling pre-orders as soon as tomorrow, July 15, with Verizon (un) fashionably late as usual. July 17 is Big Red’s shipping D-Day, albeit it’s nice to see the largest wireless carrier stateside being a smidge more flexible than the competition cost-wise, charging $99.99 with pacts right off the bat.

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