Nokia Lumia 1020 nears extinction, PureView 41 MP sequel in the works?

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Nokia-Lumia-1020Everyone expects a bunch of great things to happen to Nokia now that Microsoft is fully in charge of the company’s mobile manufacturing operations. But according to master leaker @evleaks, perhaps the most popular high-end Lumia smartphone to date is close to reaching “End of Life status”.

Before jumping to conclusions and voicing out your outrage though, know that it’s not as bad as it sounds. Yes, the Lumia 1020 will likely be terminated on September 14, meaning from that point onwards, no additional units shall be produced.

But remaining inventory will still be available, warranties won’t be voided just like that, and already sold copies will continue to work. Knowing Nokia and their outstanding efforts to consolidate reliability, probably for years to come as long as you treat the devices delicately.

Also, fret not, software support isn’t being halted yet, so the imminent Windows Phone 8.1 update remains, well, imminent. Beyond that, I wouldn’t really expect subsequent major refreshes, but hey, almost everyone in the biz guarantees support for around 18 months. And the Lumia 1020 is rapidly nearing the fatidic mark.

Besides, let’s be honest, everything about Nokia’s yesteryear flagship, save for the sensational 41 megapixel PureView camera on the rear, is outdated. The dual-core 1.5 GHz chip, the 4.5-inch HD screen, the big-bezeled chassis, scanty 2,000 mAh battery, even the 2 GB RAM. So here’s to hoping this isn’t the end of 41 MP Lumia bad boys.

After all, we always suspected there was something missing in Nokia’s product roadmap for the rest of 2014. Say, how does a Lumia 2020 with a 41 MP cam, quad-core Snapdragon 805 CPU, 3 GB RAM and 5-inch Full HD display sound? Dreamy? That’s because it is only a dream… for the time being.

Via [Evleaks]

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