LG G3 ‘Prime’ goes official in Korea as G3 Cat. 6 with Snapdragon 805 inside

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lg-g3-primeCompetition is what drives innovation forward in the mobile technology space, so it’s nice to see Samsung and LG constantly trying to better each other. But sometimes, they go a little too far in their never-ending quest for the “next big thing”, making a fuss out of pretty pointless releases.

Case in point, the spanking new G3 Cat. 6. Aka the G3 Prime. Aka a regular G3 with a teenie-tiny performance boost. Granted, LG is yet to gloat about G3’s negligible upgrade, but make no mistake, the gloating will come.

Right now, it looks like someone messed up and jumped the gun on the G3 Cat. 6, putting it up for pre-orders prematurely in Korea. Remember, that’s where Samsung exclusively rolled out the Galaxy S5 LTE-A not long ago, so clearly, the race for the best gear between the two has turned into a, pardon my French, pissing contest.

It’s no longer about evolving, innovating, changing things that actually matter, it’s simply about these two giants flexing their muscles every chance they get. For the record, the only minor differences between the standard G3 and this Cat. 6 flagship is the latter swaps the former’s Snapdragon 801 chip for an 805 and raises the LTE speeds ante to a theoretical high of 300 Mbps.

Naturally, a G3 “Prime” commercial run outside Asia is a long shot, which is probably for the best.

Via [GSM Arena]

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