Samsung (subtly) mocks Apple once again in Galaxy Tab S commercials (video)

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iPad-Air-versus-Galaxy-Tab-S-10.5It’s become a sort of inelegant tradition for Samsung to take jabs at Apple every once in a while, despite Cupertino almost never retaliating. Or maybe that’s exactly the reason the Koreans continue to advertise their Galaxy products in contrast to iDevices.

Either way, we appreciate Sammy going the extra mile in trying to convince the world there are better, cheaper alternatives to iPhones and iPads, albeit they’re not always right. Also, they sometimes try too hard to be both cheeky and funny, two notions that rarely go together in a tasteful manner.

I’m sure we can all remember at least one brilliant anti-Apple ad as fast as a crappy one comes to mind, and the latest pair of video commercials sits squarely in the middle. The two clips, embedded below, aren’t cringe worthy, but they’re not Oscar material either.

What’s interesting is they’re surprisingly contained in their insolence, as the Galaxy Tab S is clearly pitted against iPads in terms of multitasking and display sharpness, yet the rival’s name is not once mentioned. You can’t even see Apple’s logo properly, so kudos for subtlety. Originality? Not so much. Humor? Meh, I’ve seen better.

Oh, well, if the two minutes of juggling between “work, entertainment and life” and… spitting out unnecessary technical details about the differences between AMOLED and LCD are enough to convince you the Galaxy Tab S line is the bomb, head on over to Amazon and be ready to spend $399 on the 8.4-inch model or $499 on the 10.5 incher.

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