Immensely succesful Nokia Lumia 520 crosses 12 million activations worldwide

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Nokia Lumia 520It’s no big secret that Nokia Lumia 520 sales kept Microsoft’s shaky Windows Phone boat from sinking these past 15 months or so, and while the uber-affordable handheld always had minuscule profit margins, it at least maintained Nokia and MS in the limelight.

The now unified “Nokiasoft” corporation hopes to capitalize on Lumia 520’s prosperity by continuing to dominate the low-cost, low-end market with a 530 follow-up, as well as spread some of that box-office magic to upper-tier devices.

Before welcoming the legitimate heir to 520’s cheapo throne (no, the 525 doesn’t count), it’s time at last to find out exactly how successful the 4 incher has been between April 2013 and today. Microsoft already revealed in September of last year that the Lumia 520 was the best-selling Windows product in the world (tablets and PCs included), and now we have a number to go with the vague triumph proclamation: 12 million.

As in 12 million units shipped to end users. Or, as Kevin Turner, Redmond’s Chief Operating Officer, puts it, 12 million activations registered so far. How huge is that? Well, we’d like to be able to compare it with sales figures for higher-end Lumias, but unfortunately, there’s nothing official on the 1020, 925, 1320 or 1520.

My personal guess is no other single Lumia crossed the 2 mil milestone. That is, if any device topped 1 million units sold. Now let’s just hope, for Nokia Microsoft’s sake, the Lumia 530 will make similar waves once it rolls out on store shelves.

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