Research shows iPhone 5s sales continue to outpace Samsung Galaxy S5 demand

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Galaxy-S5-vs-iPhone-5SAs Apple’s iPhone 5s rapidly nears its one-year anniversary and Samsung’s Galaxy S5 is barely three months old, you’d think the latter would have no problem eclipsing the former’s sales. Especially since not one, but two iPhone 6 models are on the horizon.

Also, even the most rabid iFans can probably concede defeat against the GS5 in the never-ending spec wars. Yet somehow, Cupertino manages to stay on top. Or so data harvested “across 35 countries” by research firm Counterpoint suggests.

In fact, according to the study focused squarely on May sales, the iPhone 5s comfortably trumped the “quite distant” number two. Looking at the big picture however, you can’t really call Samsung a loser, since the Galaxy has no less than five “stars” in the global top ten.

There’s the silver medalist, the somewhat underwhelming GS5 spearhead, the bronze winner, which is yesteryear’s top dog, the S4, plus the Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S4 mini and, surprise, surprise, Grand 2, positioned in fourth, eight and tenth place respectively.

Grand 2? Clearly, one of the 35 markets surveyed by Counterpoint was India. Meanwhile, Apple has the iPhone 5c in fifth place, sandwiched between Sammy’s Note 3 and, get this, the OG iPhone 4s. Xiaomi wraps up the top ten, snatching number seven and nine in the ranks: the MI3 and Hongmi Redrice respectively.

Yo Counterpoint, are you sure you didn’t just put China and India under the microscope? I mean, for crying out loud, the Redrice is harder to come by than contraband ivory on the Western hemisphere.

Via [Cult of Mac]

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  • dragonhockey

    If I were to choose between the two, i would go with iPhone 5S because it has all. Features, functions, performance and visual appeal of iPhones are of excellence that is why more people prefer this unit.