To sum up: The World Cup and technology

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The World Cup ended on Sunday with Germany defeating Argentina in the finals, and while some news outlets prefer discussing German scorer Mario Götze‘s post-World-Cup-boner (no joke), I prefer to focus on the technological aspects of this year’s World Cup. A fascinating element of a sports tournament that takes place every four years is that advancements in technology are sure to be both pivotal and noticed. Even something as simple as social media was a huge change from the last World Cup. I guess I’m corny, but I think it’s all awesome. And hey, if technology helps pick a more accurate winner, I’m all about it.

So take a look at some of the World Cup stories that featured technology.

1) David Hasselhoff’s Beats headphones spoof:

I kid you not, The Hoff released an AWESOME beats spoof in support of the German team. Although this doesn’t speak much of our advancements in technology, it’s kinda awesome.

2) TVs were interrupted in New York and Pennsylvania during final minutes:

Oh no, they didn’t! Fans in parts of Southern New York and Northern Pennsylvania were treated to a severe weather alert during the final moments of the World Cup. Safe to say, folks were NOT happy.

3) Microsoft vs. Google predictions:

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 9.51.37 AM

Germany might have won the World Cup, but Bing won the World Cup predictions with 15 for 15 correct predictions for the knockout matches. Go ahead, Bing, do your victory dance.

4) Siri vs. Cortana predictions:

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 9.54.49 AM

Similarly, Cortana defeated Siri in World Cup predictions with 15 out of 16 correct predictions.

5) Germany’s use of technology:


The German team believes that technology played an integral part in their World Cup win. The team used touch-screens to refine their performances and capitalize on their opponents’ weaknesses.

6) Twitter and the World Cup:


Let’s face it, if you have a Twitter account, I don’t even have to tell you how popular the social platform was during World Cup games.

7) World Cup 8 Bit moments:


Okay, well this is just awesome.

8) In-flight viewing:


Even being up in the air didn’t stop a record number of in-flight viewers from tuning into the match.

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