Samsung ‘envisions’ retina scanners on phones, will the Galaxy Note 4 be the first?

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Samsung retina scannerSamsung is the undisputed leader of the smartphone landscape not only in actual sales and mainstream popularity, but also when it comes to advertising both existing and unreleased products. In fact, Samsung may actually be better at marketing than, you know, fabricating great pieces of hardware.

And they’re probably better at building hype around future gear than capitalizing on the top-notch features of gadgets out and about. Case in point, this Galaxy Note 4 buzz-boosting campaign going on the past few weeks, which Sammy’s PR team is likely no stranger to.

But apparently, pulling the strings backstage isn’t enough, so the OEM’s Exynos branch, responsible chiefly for developing punchy processors, has decided to give the publicity movement a good old nudge, teasing a mysterious handheld with futuristic eye recognition functions.

You know, the retina or iris scanner we all believed was going to be integrated in the Galaxy S5, but was ultimately deemed too experimental. Chances are the technology has greatly matured of late, so clearly, it’s not out of the question the GNote 4 will inaugurate it on a large scale.

After all, the generic device showcased on Twitter by Samsung looks an awful lot like a nearly bezel-free phablet. Which perfectly fits Note 4’s description.

Retinal scan is expected to spice up the security area of upcoming Samsung gizmos, allowing, like current fingerprint recognition tools, seamless unlocking of gadgets (hence the “Unlock the future” motto), as well as easy financial authorization with Paypal. Pretty, pardon the pun, eye-opening, huh?

Via [GSM Arena]

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