Expansys USA discounts slew of Google Play edition devices

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Google Play edition devicesSimply pulling the plug on multiple vanilla KitKat-running Google Play edition devices with little to no warning seemed like a pretty extreme measure on Big G’s part, but sooner or later, at least a few hundred units of each were bound to return in stock somewhere.

And they already have. Not on the Play Store, that much I could’ve told you beforehand, but surprisingly not on Amazon or Best Buy either. Instead, it’s lower-profile retailer Expansys that offers “massive savings” on “limited supplies” of four GPe gadgets.

The good news is all four listings come with encouraging “100+ in stock now” messages at the time of this writing. The bad news is they’re filed under daily deals, so technically, they should expire around midnight EDT.

Yet the Sony Z Ultra has been around for a week now, and it doesn’t look like it’ll go away anytime soon, so it all probably depends on remaining inventory. Just to be sure, order as soon as possible. The discounts are outstanding across the board, including for the Galaxy S4 that Google still sells directly.

Normally available at north of $550, the S4 GPe costs $399.99 with Expansys, plus $10 or so in delivery fees. Meanwhile, the Google Play HTC One M7 is likewise $399.99 (down from $649.99), the LG G Pad 8.3 is $224.99 ($105 off), and the Z Ultra continues to go for $349.99.

For the record, non-Google Play editions of the four are $290 (the G Pad), $350 (Z Ultra), $420 (One M7) and $425 (Galaxy S4) on Amazon. So aside from Sony’s phablet, the savings are indeed massive, regardless if you’re a “purist” or love skins equally as much as stock Android.

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