Nokia Lumia family starts receiving Windows Phone 8.1 + Cyan update

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Lumia-Cyan-updateWell, that was fast. Microsoft barely took the wraps off Windows Phone 8.1 three months ago, and the first devices running the new OS started shipping in June, yet a bundle of Nokia Lumias are already getting updated beyond WP 8. Plus, they’re scoring an exclusive goodie pack dubbed Lumia Cyan.

Posted on the Nokia Conversations blog, the happy news lacks a few specifics, such as the names of Lumias to be bumped up during the coming weeks and their exact schedule. However, MS speaks of the “Lumia Windows Phone 8 smartphone family” (as in the entire family), so we’ll assume no one will be left behind.

Of course, some beefier gadgets shall be luckier than others, in that they’ll receive special audio and camera improvements (the Lumia 1520 and Icon), while Lumia owners stateside are the only ones spoiled with Cortana’s vast knowledge and immensely helpful assistance for the time being.

Aside from Microsoft’s Siri clone, WP 8.1’s changelog includes a heap of subtle UI tweaks, as well as upgrades for People Hub or Internet Explorer. Some of the great new features and functions are called Action Center, Wi-Fi Sense and Word Flow and, last but not least, Lumia Cyan brings with it notable Nokia Camera, Creative Studio and Storyteller advances. Oh, and a Nokia Device Hub and fresh enterprise-centric tools.

Sounds like Windows Phone in general and Nokia Lumias in particular are rapidly catching up to Android’s functionality, versatility and accessibility. You go, Microsoft.

Via [Nokia Conversations]

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