FlipBook for iPad Air adds class, easy viewing angles

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When it comes to using mobile devices hands-free, you’ll have an easier time and improve your comfort with a stand. When it comes to choice of stands, there are so many out there that range from ok, good, and great. After having used quite a few, I’ve decided to never settle for less than the best. The top two criteria are portability and adjustable angles.

Why settle for a stand that provides only a few viewing angles. If you ponied up your good money for that gorgeous iPad Air, you deserve something worthy of it. Felix, a manufacturer of mobile accessories, has just created the ideal iPad Air case. The FlipBook, which is also available for the Apple iPad, combines the best of a tablet cover and stand all in one.

Felix FlipBook Apple iPad Air tablet stand anglesWhile not in use, your iPad Air will have its screen protected by the FlipBook’s soft leather smart cover. When you’re ready, peel the cover back to automatically wake your tablet for use. The FlipBook lets the iPad Air seamlessly adjust to any one of 10 viewing angles (22 for the iPad), either in portrait or landscape mode. Whether you’re typing, reading, or video-chatting with someone, the Felix FlipBook does all the heavy lifting. Since this is a stand and case together, you don’t have to worry about carrying an additional item when you’re done and ready to go.

Naturally, accessories earn points for style, and the FlipBook is no exception. It comes in either black or tan, both of which fit well for casual or business lifestyles. When it comes to owning something as great as an iPad Air, class and functionality go a long way.

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