Windows Phone games updated for latest devices

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Windows Phone games updated for latest devicesAt least 40 Windows Phone games have been updated to work with some of the latest Windows smartphones from Nokia and other manufacturers. Many of the games had not previously been available on Windows Phone 8 because of how old they are, but that didn’t stop developers from coming out with updated versions fit for the latest devices. Among the games are Minesweeper and Spartan Assault. The games also need just 512MB of memory to run correctly, so most of the current Windows Phone devices will be supported.

The total number of updated games is not clear, but WPCentral is reporting that there are 40 titles now available for Windows Phone 8 that were not supported before. Some of the games are incredibly popular, so making them available to almost all new Windows Phone users is great and unexpected.

Windows Phone has been one of the better mobile operating systems, at least when it comes to mobile gaming, so the lack of classic titles was previously a glaring omission. Fixing that problem was necessary, and developers have helped Microsoft out tremendously just by making games like Minesweeper, Hexic, and ilomilo available. The games probably won’t attract tons of new people, but they will make current Windows Phone users happy.

via [Engadget]

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