LG G Pad 7.0 on its way to AT&T with LTE speeds and reasonable price

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LG G Pad 7.0Anyone in the market for a compact little Android tablet with 4G LTE connectivity, but unwilling to pay the premiums charged by Samsung for the Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 or Tab Pro 8.4? Then I’m pretty sure the upcoming AT&T-bound LG G Pad 7.0 will be of interest.

Already available in a Wi-Fi-only variant at a pithy $150, G Pad 8.3’s smaller, lesser brother should go on sale at Ma Bell in a matter of weeks. Or so we presume, as @evleaks, who unearthed LTE G Pad 7.0 blueprints, failed to supply us with info on timing.

Or pricing, for that matter, though we’ll just use our analytical skills to guess. Since the Wi-Fi flavor is $150, and AT&T sells the larger, punchier Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 at $370 outright and $270 on-contract, anything north of $300 and $200 respectively for the G Pad 7.0 would make little to no sense.

That’s $300 free of contractual obligations and $200 with 24-month pacts, plus Next installment plans should also allow you to get the slate for no upfront fee as long as you cough up $15 or so every 30 days until the end of 2015.

Good deals? First, let’s see if they materialize. If they do, I’ll go with pretty good, as the G Pad may be no powerhouse, but it’s at least sleek, handsome, quad-core and chocolaty software-wise.

Via [Evleaks]

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