Asus C300 Chromebook available from array of US retailers starting at $250

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Asus C300 ChromebookHot on the heels of the C200, which was technically Asus’ first ever Chromebook to go up for sale, the company’s second Chrome OS machine, the C300, has become available stateside. At exactly the same price, even though the former is an 11.6 incher and the latter’s display measures 13.3 inches in diagonal.

Actually, that’s not entirely true. The part about the cost equality, not the size thing. Because while Amazon initially charged $249 for the C200, it quickly dropped it to $244.49. The C300 is $249.99, plus an additional $10.99 in shipping fees, so you see, Asus’ unusual pricing strategy seems to be for nothing.

Then again, Amazon isn’t directly selling the C300 yet, but instead Adorama through Amazon, so once the big guy’s patchy availability becomes… unpatchy, we might see it tie up the C200, which is how Asus always intended it to be.

But maybe you don’t like to wait. Sadly, I’m afraid your alternatives aren’t stellar, as Excaliber PC lists the 13-inch Chromebook in stock, but charges $249, plus $14.85 and up for delivery. Staples and B&H take care of shipping themselves, thus lowering the ask to $256.99 and $249 respectively, however the former is temporarily out of inventory and the latter expects pre-orders to end July 25.

All in all therefore, if the Intel Celeron Bay Trail, 16 GB SSD, 10-hour battery, 2 GB RAM, 13.3-inch 1,366 x 768 configuration tickles your fancy, it’s probably wise to hang on a couple more weeks.

Via [Liliputing]

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