Jibo wants to be your family’s robot

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Jibo wants to be your family's robotHaving a home robot that does things for you while acting human is awesome, and it may finally be a possibility with Jibo. An Indiegogo project has launched for Jibo, and the project has already pulled in all of the funding necessary to turn Jibo into an actual product.

There are many things that Jibo can do, but for the most part, it is a sidekick/companion robot for your family and home. Based upon the concept video attached to the Indiegogo campaign, Jibo can interact much like a human and it can control your house while also helping you with your e-mail and phone calls.

Jibo learns how each of its users sound and what they look like. As a result, the robot can interact with each user in a slightly different way and determine what sort of notifications should be directed at a specific person. While there are some downsides to Jibo–it only lasts 30 minutes unplugged and it won’t ship until late 2015–the robot is still pretty amazing.

One home unit costs $500–not too bad for cutting-edge technology–but the developer edition can be had for around $100 more and that version will begin shipping out in September 2015.

Jibo’s initial features are very useful, but one of the best things about it is its ability to grow with the addition of new “skills”. Those skills will be provided to customers as they come out, and they have the potential to drastically improve the entire product.

via [TechCrunch]

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