Amazon Prime users get 2-day shipping to UK from Europe

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Amazon Prime users get 2-day shipping to UK from EuropeAmazon Prime is a useful service for people in the United States, but in other markets like Europe, the service is a little less useful. That is beginning to change, however, since Amazon has introduced two-day shipping to the UK from inside of Europe. This offer will soon apply to 3 million products, and the two-day shipping time will be much lower than the previous three to seven day shipping time for Prime users.

In the United States, Prime is already two-day, and in some places Amazon is even trying to reduce shipping speeds to within a day. That sort of shipping speed improvement won’t reach the UK for at least another year, but two-day shipping is already a big improvement over the previous week-long shipping that many Prime users have encountered.

Amazon revealed its plan to improve European shipping in a post in The Telegraph. That post says the shipping speeds will be improved as a result of “innovations in [the] cross border delivery network.” Just as Amazon works in the US, third-party sellers can also take advantage of the two-day Prime shipping offer if they utilize Fulfillment by Amazon.

As always, two-day shipping is free for all Prime members.

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