Microsoft begins accepting “right to be forgotten” requests

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Microsoft begins accepting "right to be forgotten" requestsGoogle is already compliant with the EU Court of Justice’s ruling that people should have the “right to be forgotten”, and Microsoft is moving in the same direction with Bing. The company has begun accepting requests from people who want certain content to vanquish from Bing when their name is searched. Actual content remains online and can still be found through other means, but the “right to be forgotten” offers a way for Europeans to have some things removed from their past.

Microsoft may be a little more picky when it comes to accepting a person’s request. The Bing form asks for personal information that must be confirmed with documentation, and it also asks for information regarding a person’s status in society. In theory, Microsoft can use this information to avoid removing content if it ends up hurting the public’s right to know.

Since it launched a content removal request form, Google has faced criticism from those who feel the search engine is not removing the right type of information. Links to a few Guardian articles had been removed, and many people feel that those articles should remain in search results. Microsoft should be able to avoid much of that criticism because it won’t receive as many requests and because it is already trying to get rid of requests that should not be accepted.

via [The Next Web]

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