Galaxy Note 4 UV sensor will help protect users

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Galaxy Note 4 UV sensor will help protect usersThe Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will ship with a UV sensor, and while Samsung has confirmed that fact, it has not revealed how the sensor will actually be utilized. A new report from SamMobile sheds some light on what Samsung may be planning to do with the Note 4’s ultraviolet light sensor. According to SamMobile, Samsung will use the sensor to protect users by integrating it with the S Health app and monitoring UV exposure.

We all know that spending too much time in the sun is not good for our skin, and the UV sensor could pinpoint the time at which people should get out of the sun to avoid damaging their cells. Samsung will use the sensor to give accurate readings of the current UV index in an area, and the S Health app will then provide explanations as to what those different indexes mean.

Samsung will also try to educate users about their skin health and the affect UV rays have on it. To do this, SamMobile reports the S Health app will come up with true and false statements in an attempt to dispel common myths about UV exposure. Those statements include truths like, “A tan results from your body defending itself against further damage from UV radiation,” and falsehoods like, “A suntan is health.”

via [Android Central]

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