Cryptic Motorola 4027 smartphone swings by FCC, could it be a Moto XL?

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Motorola-4027-FCCWhat comes after X? Y? X2? X+1? How about XL? That’s just a wild guess, but it might be what Motorola is prepping as a sequel to the somewhat underwhelming first-generation Moto X.

A mysterious handheld carrying the undecipherable 4027 model number has been seen sliding through FCC, and basically the only thing we know about it is it’s big. 141.7 mm, or 5.57 inches, in height, and 149, or 5.86 inches, in diagonal, as per the federal agency’s sketches.

In contrast, the X is 129.3 mm, or 5.09 inches, tall and sports a usable screen area of 4.7 inches. So we’re definitely looking at a larger device. A phablet, if you will. But is it large enough to “deserve” the speculated XL moniker?

Well, 5.86 inches, even in the age of the Galaxy Note 3 and Sony Xperia Z Ultra, is a lot. However, it probably includes bezels too, so ultimately, the actual display may amount to just 5, 5.2 inches. Which fits the profile of that long-rumored X+1 much better than an XL.

Only any trace of 4G LTE connectivity is missing from the Motorola 4027. And we might know very little for sure on X’s follow-up, but LTE support ain’t really a question mark. Which brings us to another supposition. What if this is actually some sort of developed Moto G spin-off? Still aimed primarily at emerging markets, but this time, at budget phablet lovers in particular. Admit it, you’re intrigued.

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