“Facebook Mentions” is a social network for famous people

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Facebook Mentions is a social network for famous peopleFacebook has a new social network and the vast majority of you will not be able to use it. Unlike other social networks which cater to everyone no matter what their occupation is, Facebook Mentions is a social network geared towards public figures. The only people allowed to use Mentions are important celebrities, government officials, and other people who have, at some point, been widely talked about.

Mentions is actually centered around letting important people see what non-public figures are saying about them. Through a mentions tab that functions similarly to Twitter’s notification feed, celebrities can see posts from the regular version of Facebook that mention their name. While this probably doesn’t apply in anyway to huge stars, smaller celebrities who do engage with their fans will be able to do so more easily with this app.

The iOS app for Facebook Mentions looks a lot like the regular Facebook application with the only real difference being where the emphasis is. Regular Facebook users utilize the social network to connect with those who they know, whereas Facebook Mentions is about providing celebrities with another way to control their brand image and gain insight into what the public thinks of them.

via [Engadget]

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