Saddle seats: Get ready to hate flying even more

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Been on a plane lately? Not to sound cliché, but it’s not the most comfortable experience in the world. And you get to pay hundreds of dollars for the privilege of feeling like a caged animal.

Well, airplane manufacturer Airbus is looking to make today’s version of flying feel like a luxurious trip in a stretch limo.

Want to ride in an awkward position on a bike seat for a couple hours? Airbus has your (aching) back with its patent-pending “saddle seat” technology. And oh, is it teh awesome.

CNN reports that “the design shows narrow rows of folding saddle seats with low backrests on which passengers perch rather than recline.” Because who wouldn’t rather “perch” than recline?

I mean, doesn’t this look comfy? And business travelers: Imagine the work you can get done!



Also, do you feel like you have too much personal space when you fly? Who doesn’t, right? Well, dig this action!



There’s no indication these “seats” are coming in the immediate future, but you’ve gotta love how the airline industry continues to make your comfort top priority.

Or just don’t be a cheapskate. Simply upgrade to first class like this guy while I sit in coach sucking the dust out of that tiny packet of flavorless pretzels I received for sustenance:

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