Deal alert: Prepaid Verizon LG G2 for $300 ($200 off) with Allset plans

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LG G2 VerizonTrying to rival the nation’s self-proclaimed “Uncarrier” in no-contract flexibility can’t be easy, but Verizon has a shiny new weapon of T-Mobile-destruction. And boy, does it look effective.

Dubbed Allset, or ALLSET, though I much prefer the former since it doesn’t feel like anybody’s yelling at you, the carrier’s fresh prepaid plans aren’t the most affordable in the world, but come with two great advantages.

Number one, they allow users to extend the regularly limited expiration date of data. The way this works is if you pay $10 extra, you’ve got 90 days to consume 1 GB, and $20 nabs you 3 gigs, which are good for 3 months.

And upside number two, a promotional, likely limited-time special offer slashes LG G2’s price down to a mind-bogglingly low $299.99. Contract-free, but of course, only as long as you opt for an Allset plan. The cheapest includes unlimited messaging and 500 MB of data for $45 a month, which ain’t exactly affordable, but it’s pretty fair.

Back to the G2, let’s mention the outright price point is, hold on to your hats, $499.99. Even on Amazon, the lowest a SIM-free G2 goes is $389.99. And activating it on a major network, and actually using 4G LTE, can be a hassle. Bottom line, you’d better take Verizon up on its offer until it’s not too late.

Sure, the G2 is nearly a year old, which is usually forever in the mobile décor, but the Snapdragon 800/5.2-inch Full HD/2 GB RAM/32 GB storage/13 MP camera/3,000 mAh battery configuration is nowhere near retirement age.

Via [Droid-Life]

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