Purported Samsung Galaxy Note 4 app list alludes to Quad HD screen, finger scanner

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samsungGiven how distant Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 announcement likely still is, a surprisingly clear picture of the high-end phablet’s specs is being painted by predominantly trustworthy tipsters. The latest to hint at a slew of key features is master leaker @evleaks, who claims to be in possession of a legit pre-loaded APK rundown.

Or at least bits and parts of the list starring Note 4’s mostly TouchWiz-specific “bloatware”, since there’s no way the bad boy integrates merely 24 apps. The partial directory nevertheless exposes juicy intel, including further confirmation Sammy will at last move past Full HD screen resolution to the next frontier, i.e. Quad HD.

Three APKs end in WQHD, which is another term meant to designate a display boasting 2,560 x 1,440 pixels. Ergo, we believe S Studio, Out of Focus Viewer and Photo Studio to be photo tools optimized for smooth use on a QHD panel.

Also intriguing, there seems to be a “Fingerprint Service” on board of the device, although since the Galaxy S5 accommodated a finger scanner, it was logical to expect a similar mechanism on Samsung’s latest push for phablet supremacy.

Another somewhat predictable service relates to Sammy’s rumored Oculus Rift rival, dubbed Gear VR. The virtual reality gizmo, if real and finished in time for IFA 2014, should find pre-loaded support on the GNote 4, as mysterious “VRSVC” and “VRSetupWizardStub” apks suggest.

As for distinguished absentees on the list, the just-leaked UV sensor is the first to come to mind, though once again, this is but a preliminary inventory. And not even an official, evidence-backed one.

Via [Evleaks]

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