Microsoft reportedly cancels Nokia McLaren 3D Touch smartphone

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Nokia McLarenIt feels silly to even begin talking about a purportedly canceled device that no one can be certain was ever real, but there’s no smoke without fire and all that, so it’s safe to assume the Nokia “McLaren” did indeed exist in pre-release prototype form.

And it was probably prepped for a Q3, maybe Q4 2014 launch. With an innovative Kinect-like gesture control technology nicknamed 3D Touch. Sounds intriguing, potentially groundbreaking, but at the same time undoubtedly risky.

Hence, it’s really no surprise Microsoft is rumored to have pulled the plug in the context of a major company resource reshuffling and reform that sees 18,000 employees losing their jobs, the X program killed off effective immediately and Lumia efforts narrowed to the low-cost and high-end niches.

Also, there’s a credible rumor making the rounds of “Microkia” possibly abandoning the Asha ship. All signs seem therefore to point to an increase in caution and decrease in resources wasted on likely harmful gambles.

But maybe not all is lost for “3D Touch” gear. Research on ways to develop the tech beyond the gimmick stage is reportedly set to continue, so 2015 might see a McLaren sequel or spin-off debut. Until then, it’s business as usual for Nokia, which plans to roll out at least one fresh flagship in time for the holiday season, lacking “gimmicks” but definitely upping the processing speed, RAM, screen resolution, battery size and camera ante.

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