Philips Hue Tap now available in the US

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Philips Hue Tap now available in the USPhilips has made the Hue Tap available to people in the United States after releasing the battery-less accessory in Europe. The Tap offers another way to control Philips Hue light bulbs, and since it doesn’t use batteries, you can move the Tap around while never worrying about its charge. All of the necessary energy is generated through the pressing of buttons of which there are four on the device.

Each of the three smaller buttons on the Tap are attached to the lighting mode of a particular room or area. By pressing the button once you can turn on what Philips refers to as a “scene”, and pressing the button a second time will turn it off. With three of these buttons, you can basically control your entire house just by clicking a few buttons.

With the Tap comes a mounting bracket and mounting tape in case you do not want to move it around a lot. The only place US customers can get the Tap is the Apple Store, and it is being made available in both the retail and online sides of that store. Philips has made the Tap available for $59.95, but you need to buy the lights as well if you really want to use the device.

via [Android Central]

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