Dell uses Coinbase to accept Bitcoin

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Dell uses Coinbase to accept BitcoinBitcoin is now accepted by Dell for all of its products, including Alienware laptops and desktop computers. Dell is just the latest company to accept Bitcoin as a valid payment method, and other companies like Overstock have been accepting it for months. By using Coinbase as a payment processor for the digital currency, Dell never has to deal with converting the coins to more usable US dollars, since Coinbase takes care of that.

Coinbase’s official post on the topic says that Dell is now the largest ecommerce company to accept Bitcoin as a valid payment method, and that statement is likely true given Dell’s annual sales figure of $60 billion.

It took just two weeks for the Coinbase and Dell teams to work together and successfully implement Bitcoin on The payment process is just as simple for people who already have Bitcoin, and in some situations, it is even cheaper for Dell to accept Bitcoin because there are almost no fees involved in the digital transactions.

For a short period of time Dell will be offering 10 percent off its Alienware computers to people who use Bitcoin when they are checking out on the website. Only US customers can currently take advantage of the Bitcoin integration.

via [Coinbase]

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