Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited Goes Live

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kindleAmazon’s Netflix-like service for ebooks, Kindle Unlimited has gone live. For $9.99 a month subscribers will  have access to over 600,000 ebooks and several thousand audio books. They can download up to 10 free titles at a time and keep them as long as they like. The subscription also comes with a free 3 month subscription to Audible which includes 1 credit a month.

Unlike the Kindle Owners Lending Library, those that use the Kindle app on their Apple, Android or Windows devices can take advantage of Kindle Unlimited. The selection right now is mostly made up of independent publishers but there plenty of big names too including the Hunger Games and Harry Potter series’. Amazon promises more to come. The new service could prove to be a substantial threat to Oyster and Scribd, two very similar services. Will this be a hit? That remains to be seen, but Amazon seems pretty confident.

They’ll definitely have to keep increasing their selection and getting the big publishers fully on board, and since Amazon says they’ll get paid exactly the same amount per book they’d get if it was purchased, it’s hard to see why they wouldn’t agree to. I’m pretty pleased with the selection so far. Of the 9 books I have on my Amazon wish list, 6 are available through Kindle Unlimited.


Amazon is offering a free 30 day trial, so go check it out and let us know what you think!

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