Sony now selling Xperia Z2 stateside via online store at steep $700

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Sony-Xperia-Z2After months and months of sterile, agonizing waiting, longstanding prospective buyers of Sony’s Xperia Z2 smartphone/tablet pair can at last quench their thirst for waterproof, anorexic, Snapdragon 801-powered, 3 GB RAM-packing Android gear.

Hopefully, it’s not too late for Sony, whose Z2 handheld has much beefier competition now than it did back in February: LG’s G3, HTC’s One M8, even Oppo’s Find 7. And sadly, just like Oppo’s underdog, Sony’s contender-turned-dark horse is in dire need of carrier support.

Stateside, where Sony has just started to sell the Xperia Z2 unlocked, the 5.2 incher can only be activated and used with 4G LTE connectivity on AT&T and T-Mobile. And neither network offers subsidies, so you’ll need to break open the piggy bank and cough up $699.99 for the privilege of owning the 8.2 mm thin slab.

Alternatively, some third-party Amazon retailers charge a slightly more sensible $630 for the international SIM-free Xperia Z2, aka D6503, so maybe dealing with Sony’s US online store ain’t the wisest choice after all. Despite the Japan-based OEM’s claims of doing you a favor and asking 50 bucks off the Full HD bad boy’s $750 list price.

Meanwhile, there’s no news on the Verizon release front, but sooner or later, Big Red has to take a stand. Just do it before the Z3 breaks cover, mmkay, Verizon?

Via [Sony Store]

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