Motorola Moto X discounted again: 16 GB at $300, 32 GB version is $325

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moto-xAs Moto X+1’s introduction nears, Motorola is really getting desperate to rid itself of leftover first-gen X inventory, putting the customizable 4.7-inch Android smartphone on sale for the umpteen time these past few months.

What we’re looking at is another promotion with an expiration date, although chances are it won’t be long after this special offer ends that a new one shall break ground. I’m telling you, if it wasn’t so beneficial for end users, Motorola’s despair would be depressing.

Coupon code MBXISMOT slashes 100 bucks off any off-contract 16 GB Moto X purchased via Moto Maker through July 23, bringing the grand total down to a deliciously low $299.99. That’s for use on AT&T, Sprint, Verizon or T-Mobile, mind you, whereas the Republic Wireless version, which normally costs $350, is now a measly $250.

Moving higher on the totem pole, the exact same mouthful of a code helps you score an unlocked 32 GB Moto X for $324.99 (Developer Edition included), while the just-released 64 GB flavor drops for the first time from $450 to $375.

And remember, whatever your option, the Moto Maker tool lets you personalize it with a wide array of funky paint jobs, custom signatures and engravings and handy accessories. Don’t forget about the quartet of wood finishes, though either one will cost you an extra 25 clams. Right, but $25 + $300 is only $325. Hard to look away, huh?

Via [Slickdeals]

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