Betabrand hoodie lets you listen to headphones with hood up

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Betabrand hoodie lets you listen to headphones with hood upA downside to using hoodies is that you cannot actually use the hood while still wearing regular headphones. Betabrand says that it has an answer to this problem with a new hoodie that lets sound pass through but not dust or water. The Betabrand hoodie costs just $158, and the company says that it is using an “acoustically transparent” fabric to improve sound quality through the hood.

The entire hoodie is blacked out so that as little attention as possible is placed on the clothing. Instead, Betabrand wants the attention to be on a person’s headphones while still letting the user actually hear their music.

Betabrand already has a unique way of coming up with ideas, so its not surprising that the company has an innovative product like this. Betabrand crowd-sources ideas from its customers, and once a particular idea has gained enough traction, the company moves forward with creating it. Early buyers are able to get discounts on their purchases.

Other hoodie designs have been put onto the market in the past, but since many of them relied on building headphones into the clothing, they were not very successful. Betabrand’s product, on the other hand, looks promising because of how practical it is and how many people run into the issue of not being able to hear their headphones clearly.

Via [The Verge]

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