Mobile traffic overtakes PC traffic in China

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Mobile traffic overtakes PC traffic in ChinaWith well over 1 billion citizens and hundreds of millions of internet-connected individuals, China is a good place to look at if you are trying to find out where the tech market is headed. The latest report from the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) has revealed one major shift in the market. Based upon data from June 2014, the percentage of people accessing the internet via a mobile device grew past the percentage of people accessing the internet with a PC.

CNNIC is state-affiliated, but since there is no reason to think the data is skewed, it appears as though people are choosing to use the internet on a smartphone rather than invest time or money into a PC. At least in June, 83.4 percent of people accessed the internet through a mobile device while just 80.9 percent used a PC. Similar trends have been seen in the US–people are spending far less time on PCs–but China’s more rapid market shift reveals where the entire world is likely headed.

Throughout the developing world in massive countries like India, smartphones are actually becoming the most common way to connect to the internet as well. Though, in those countries, consumers have outright skipped past the PC stage because of how convenient smartphones are.

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