ChargeAll introduces smallest portable power outlet

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ChargeAll introduces smallest portable power outletChargeAll has unveiled what it says is the smallest portable power outlet ever. Since the ChargeAll device is also the first portable charger to include a regular wall outlet, its claim of being the smallest power outlet is probably true. Just imagine how often people are running around airports and other locations to find wall outlets, now, imagine what a device like ChargeAll does to that situation.

The only devices that cannot be charged using the portable power outlet are things that require more than 85 watts of power, and for reference, anything above that is a small appliance like a microwave.

Since there are the right charging ports and enough power in ChargeAll’s device, people should be able to charge all of their devices without any problem. There is still a micro USB port on the charger, so you can fill up your laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc, without any trouble.

ChargeAll is still raising money for the charger through IndieGoGo, but it has been funded for days. The campaign only included a $30,000 goal, but ChargeAll has raised nearly $100,000 and it still has 10 funding days left. If you want to get the ChargeAll portable charger as fast as possible, you can pre-order one through IndieGoGo for $99.

via [Mashable]

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