Politicians are unhappy with Microsoft’s layoffs

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Politicians are unhappy with Microsoft's layoffsMicrosoft announced late last week that it would be laying off 18,000 people, many of whom were brought to the company with its acquisition of Nokia’s hardware business. The layoffs have been received negatively by many people, and even some prominent politicians have begun criticizing Microsoft for its decision.

The Microsoft documents that revealed the layoffs didn’t provide much of an explanation, but cutting costs and trimming down the hardware team is probably Microsoft’s end goal.

United States Senator Jeff Sessions and some people in the EU have released statements in regards to the layoffs, and all of the statements are critical of Microsoft. Sessions has pointed out that just as Microsoft is pushing to hire more foreign workers, it is getting rid of its current employees.

“That is a significant action. Indeed, Microsoft employs about 125,000 people, and they are laying off 18,000,” says Sessions. “Yet their founder and former leader, Mr. Gates, says we have to have more and more people come into our country to take those kinds of jobs.”

It is not entirely correct for Sessions to make an US-centric employment argument since many of the layoffs are in Finland, but he does point out an important fact. Members of the EU Commission and some Finish authorities have also come out with other statements criticizing Microsoft for the layoffs.

via [TechCrunch]

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