UK considering Tesla Model S for official transports

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UK considering Tesla Model S for official transportsThe Tesla Model S is among a group of cars being considered by the UK government for its official mode of transport, the car company has announced. Tesla says that its flagship electric car is being looked at by the government as a low-emission alternative to the cars currently used for UK ministers. The Government Car Service is in the process of determining which “green” car should replace the current fleet, and since the Tesla has setup shop in the country, it seems like an obvious choice.

The Department of Transport announced last week that it had set aside $8.6 million for the car program, and officials will have to use that money to purchase 150 low-emission vehicles. As long as the Model S units are not maxed out with features, the government could possibly afford to purchase the Model S for the program.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, has been pushing looking towards overseas sales as a way to boost production throughout 2014. If most of the UK’s ministers were suddenly riding around in Tesla cars, that would clearly give the company some additional exposure in the country.

At the same time as the UK is considering a large purchase of Tesla cars, the car company will begin selling the Model S in Hong Kong next week.

via [Bloomberg]

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