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Google adds Now reminders to Google.comGoogle Now reminders will now be accessible through the primary Google website. As a result of the expansion of Now reminders, users will be able to create reminders from within the search engine rather than from within Now. By typing in a reminder-like command in the search box, you can add reminders to the service. For the new feature to work, you must type in a command such as “remind me to pick up groceries at 3 pm.”

Most of the features offered in the normal Google Now application are available in Google search. The reminders can still be based around either place or time, and assuming that you are logged into when accessing it, the reminders will sync across all of your devices and immediately appear inside of Now.

Unlike other reminder applications, Now is great at location-based notifications, so creating a reminder that appears once you are at a grocery store, for example, is possible.

Those who have already tried to use Google Now reminders inside of Google search say that it appears to be working in the UK and US, but it is not yet available in other countries. Google has not announced when the service will reach all territories.

via [Cult of Android]

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