HP has trio of Android tabs in the works: Slate 8 Plus, 10 Plus and Slate 10 Plus

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hp-10-plusSince HP is in a pretty serious slump as far as traditional PC sales are concerned, the company’s newfound focus on portable alternatives (read tablets) didn’t really surprise anyone. But the once mighty computer maker’s slate strategy is all over the place, with its Android portfolio in particular making no lick of sense.

Quick, can someone list the differences between HP’s 7 Plus, Slate 7 Plus, Slate 7, Slate 7 Voice Tab and Slate 7 Extreme? Anyone? And then you have the Slate 6 Voice Tab, Slate 8 Pro, HP 8 (no “Slate” in the moniker here), plus the Slate 10 HD. That’s beyond confusing.

And things are only bound to get worse with the imminent introductions of, wait for it, the Slate 8 Plus, Slate 10 Plus and 10 Plus (again, no Slate in that latter handle). Building up the confusion, and stressing HP has no idea what it’s doing in the tablet world, the three are beneath the surface Huawei devices.


Beneath the surface? Huh, we wish. In all truthfulness, the Slate 8 Plus is a carbon copy of the Huawei MediaPad M1, save Huawei’s logo, and the Slate 10 Plus is MediaPad 10 Link Plus’ identical twin. As for the 10 Plus, it’s the sole half-decent, half-original gadget in this lineup, although on the outside, it highly resembles the Slate 10 Plus and ergo, the MediaPad 10 Link Plus too.

Due out in the next couple of months at prices ranging from $250 to $350, the “new” Slates will run Android 4.4 KitKat out the box with less bells and whistles than their Huawei counterparts, and rock mostly mid-end, unimpressive specs. Aside from the 10 Plus, whose 10.1-inch display is a winner, at 1,920 x 1,200 pixels resolution.

Via [Liliputing], [Mobile Geeks]

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