Android Wear owners can now pay at the register with their wrist

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Slim and/or minimalist wallets are all the rage right now. Why? It’s because, deep down, many people love and appreciate doing more with less. The same concept applies to our mobile devices and digital payment methods. Although the adoption and availability hasn’t been as fast as some would like, there are more merchants now than ever to accept purchases via digital wallets.

LevelUp Android Wear app wristIt’s cool enough to tap your smartphone on a payment register to complete a transaction. But how about foregoing the smartphone and paying with your smartwatch instead? LevelUp has just announced its app compatibility for Android Wear, which will let users pay with their smartwatch at over 14,000 locations. Wherever one could use the LevelUp smartphone app to pay, they can now do the same with just a flick of the wrist.

Does it seem lazy? Maybe. But who ever thought that James Bond was lazy with his neat toys and gadgets? Exactly. Considering that the LevelUp app is free, all Android wearable owners can test it out for themselves. The LevelUp Android app automatically pushes the smartwatch portion for easy installation.

LevelUp works whether you have the LG G watch, Samsung Gear, or the upcoming Moto 360. When you’re ready to pay, just scan the QR code on the smartwatch. You don’t even need to ask for a receipt, since those are delivered automatically to your device. While it’s unlikely to change your life, LevelUp on your smartwatch will certainly extend the mileage of your wearable-related questions and conversations.

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