Leaked: Waterproof Kyocera Hydro Life for T-Mobile

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Kyocera Hydro LifeKyocera’s robust, ultra-durable, semi-affordable Android gear is becoming more and more popular with America’s leading wireless service providers, and so hot on the heels of Sprint and Boost Mobile’s Hydro Vibe and Icon releases, T-Mobile looks to be gearing up to welcome the Hydro Life.

The name gives it away pretty clearly, we’re dealing with a water-resistant handheld, but it remains to be seen if the Hydro Life will follow Vibe’s fashion-centric route, or take Icon’s extra-muscular path.

In other words, the biggest question mark here is whether T-Mo’s next budget champion shall comply with military standards and handle drops and shocks in addition to spills and contact with dust? The design suggests that’s indeed is the case, as the smoothly rounded chassis seems to be wrapped in a sort of protective shell, but let’s just wait and see.

Size-wise, the Hydro Life may draw the Vibe and Icon, at 4.5 inches, or, worst case scenario, lower the bar to 4.3. Most of the other specs remain a mystery, however I’m willing to bet the farm we’re looking at a quad-core mid-ranger with 1 GB RAM, 1.5 tops, 8 GB on-board storage, a 2,000 mAh or so battery, and Snapdragon 400 chip inside.

The press render exposed by @evleaks alludes to an August 31 introduction, although Sundays aren’t exactly befitting such events, and as far as pricing is concerned, I wouldn’t worry too much. T-Mo always has a way of making things attractive.

Via [Evleaks]

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