Xiaomi Mi 4 goes official with FHD screen, steel frame, 3 GB RAM, $320 price tag

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Xiaomi Mi4Xiaomi, aka the Apple of China, is ready to go up against current-generation Android giants such as Samsung’s Galaxy S5 or HTC’s One M8, although strictly looking at Mi 4’s numbers, it may have a hard time edging out LG’s G3.

That’s because, defying seemingly bona fide rumors and speculation, Mi 3’s highly anticipated sequel has debuted in the limelight with a 5-inch Full HD screen, not a 5.5-inch Quad HD. The good news is one of the direct consequences of Xiaomi’s “modest” hero approach will be affordability.

Forget $499, the 16 GB Xiaomi Mi 4 is to cost the equivalent of $320 in China, whereas the 64 GB version will barely reach $400. In comparison, the unlocked Galaxy S5 is $600 on North American shores nowadays, and its chintzy plastic exterior is no match for Mi 4’s stylish stainless steel frame.

Xiaomi Mi 4 back plates

Also, the rising Chinese star pairs 3 GB RAM with a Snapdragon 801 chip that’s found inside the S5 too, and though Xiaomi doesn’t seem to allow storage expansion via microSD (told you they’re like Apple), the standard back plate is removable and, get this, replaceable with an array of covers made of wood and leather among others.

Sure, they copied Motorola in making the Mi 4 customizable, but there’s nothing wrong with ripping off the best features from the competition and making them yours. Besides, Xiaomi’s bad boy has a slew of other things going for it, including a 13 MP rear-facing camera with “real-time” HDR and 4K video recording, an outstanding 8 MP front snapper, skinned Android 4.4 KitKat, LTE support and quick battery charging technology.

Oh, how it pains me thinking the tough time Westerners will have trying to score the Xiaomi Mi 4 at its recommended retail price.

Via [Phone Arena], [Hugo Barra on Google+]

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